Parties and Events

Pricing & Packages

During my party and event photography sessions I will mingle with your guests, taking a mix of formal portraits and candid shots. I'll also capture detail shots so that you can remember all of the little things which made the day special.

You'll receive your photos within one week in an online gallery, and you'll receive your photos on a USB stick a few days later by post.

2 Hours

Two hours of photography is perfect for small birthday parties or family gatherings, where you're looking to capture the feel of the event without the intrusion of having a photographer buzzing around for hours on end.


3 Hours

Three hours is just right for large family gatherings.


4 Hours

Four hours of photography can be a bit much for some events, but it's perfect for grand occasions like proms or grad balls. Four hours also works well if you would like your coverage to span multiple venues.



Some events need more coverage. Conferences, especially, can benefit from six to ten hours of coverage.

£50 per hour